Thursday, July 19, 2007

14 months and counting

It is hard to believe that five months have already passed since Mr. Blushing and I got engaged. When we first set the date for next September, it seemed like we had to wait forever... but now it's setting in that time really is flying and it's time to get down to business!

I am an easily overwhelmed and anxious person, so the last five months have been somewhat of a godsend for me. After the initial excitement of being engaged quickly came the anxious feeling of "we have to find a place..... NOW!" Once the date was set and the reception location was secured, I felt a little more calm, but had no idea where to go from there. We booked the church, the DJ, even the photographer (who I had had my eye on for a while!).... but what about all of the DETAILS?

Maybe I need to clarify -- I am a graphic designer by trade, and I can't imagine not being able to put a personal stamp on our wedding day. To me, the DJ and the photographer aren't the details, they are the vendors. They are wonderful and they will add to the wonderfulness of our day, but they are not the heart and soul of the day. In my mind the real heart and soul of a wedding is the culmination of the little bits of charm and personality that may not matter to some brides but are, for me, pretty much second only to my fabulous Mr. Blushing. I want the day to reflect us and be a great celebration of our friends and family who have shaped who we are, and I want people to remember all of the little personal touches in years to come. I want them to walk away and say "that was SO Mr. & Mrs. Blushing!"

It has been really nice to be able to buy bridal magazines and search for ideas without anything to really "do" just yet. About a month ago I started to feel like I really had a vision for what I want the day to be like, how I can personalize it, and what's most important to me. Now, the words that come to mind when I picture the day are: classic, approachable, whimsical, colorful and personal. Maybe these labels are too vague, but they make sense to me! And I am now ready to start pulling together all the details (with a somewhat clear and calm head) that will make the day Blush-worthy and Blush-tastic :-) First BIG thing on the agenda: dress shopping! In a week I will be going on my first bridal gown excursion. Stay tuned!

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