Thursday, July 26, 2007

Falling in love.....

....with a dress!

Tomorrow is my first excursion into the overwhelming world of bridal gowns. I've been tearing pics out of mags for months now, and know the look I want (or at least, I think it's what I want), but whose to say that those dresses won't look like crapola on my 5'3" not-so-much-stick-then self? I know what looks good on me in terms of regular clothes (note to self: high-necks make bewbies look bigger, v-necks minimize the girls!), but as far as bridal gowns, this is definitely uncharted territory.

I told myself that I would go in with an open mind, but unfortunately I have already allowed myself to go just a little too far with one dress in particular. I couldn't help it -- that damn dress has been putting the moves on me since the moment I first laid eyes on it online, and, well, with weak knees, I eventually gave in to its many advances.

This dress has all of the details I have had in the back of my mind since the beginning, all squeezed into one lovely, delicate pile of taffeta and lace. It is not strapless (although strapless looks good on me, I'm kind of tired of seeing all-strapless wedding gowns and would like to try for something different); it has lace, but is not ALL lace; it has an a-line skirt but not too fru-fru full; it has an assymetrical waist; it has a nice train; and it doesn't have a sash (I feel like sashes only emphasize the shortness of my torso).

Without further ado, the dress that I will be trying on tomorrow (along with several others, I'm sure):

photos from Jasmine Bridal

*Sigh....* Isn't it lovely?

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