Monday, October 1, 2007

My Inspiration Board

Amidst all of the chaos and changes going on over the last several weeks, I have really been wanting to create an inspiration board for my wedding. I have been collecting photos since day one (well, er, before day one!), and I was ready to put everything together to see if I like the direction things are going in. I felt like if I didn't do it now, I'd just end up getting caught up in my new job and putting it off for another few months.

With my few days off before my new job begins, I spent some time getting all the images together in a QuarkXPress layout. I have been worried that the colors won't be vivid enough, or that they'll be too vivid and not classy enough, or everything won't represent my "vintage charm meets modern whimsy" theme quite enough, but now that I have my inspiration board together I'm confident that I'm happy with where things are going!

Click on image to enlarge

I'll be honest -- a lot of the images were collected before I thought about crediting sources; I'm going to try to get as many as I can at some point!

A few things I'll point out:
  • The ring towards the top left is my ring from A. Jaffe. I don't have to worry about what band to choose to go with it, because A. Jaffe already makes one! Check!
  • The blue dress towards the bottom left is the latest bridesmaid's dress that I found; it is an Alfred Sung creation. I normally don't like halters, but something about this halter is done in a more retro/vintage way, and I think the dress is just charming. It would go perfectly with everything else that I am imagining. It is a new 2007 style, and the style number/color options are not yet listed on the website. It is shown online in an icy blue color, but with the magic of photoshop I made it a lovely peacock blue. If I'm lucky, they'll offer something similar to this, or perhaps a nice purple jewel-tone?
  • The photobooth at the top right represents an extra that I'd reeeaaaaaaalllly like to have at the reception; I am still working on talking my mom into that one!
What do you think about my board? Is there anything you've seen out there in wedding world that you think would be an excellent addition to it?

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