Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do you believe in signs?

Today is a big day -- today marks exactly ONE YEAR until our wedding day!

I woke up this morning excited at the thought that at the same time in 365 days, I'll be waking up as a single woman for the very last time. It seems like a sort of long time away, but when I think about the fact that we've already been engaged for 7 months, it doesn't seem that far away after all. Time really does fly, and I want to savor this next year and enjoy it as much as possible.

When I got into work today (still at my "old" job for another week), I settled in, and then put on my headphones so I could concentrate and get down to business. As I do just about every other day, I opened my iTunes and pressed "play" -- I have it set to shuffle my music, so I'm never sure what tune in my library of 3,909 songs will play. Wouldn't you know it that the first song that came on is the very song that Mr. Blushing and I plan to dance to for our first dance at our wedding. It's a lovely song by Billy Joel called "You're My Home." There is both a studio and a live version, and the live version is the one I like best; that is the version we will be dancing to, and the same version that delighted my ears this morning. Here are the lyrics:

When you look into my eyes
and you see the crazy gypsy in my soul
it always comes as a surprise
when I feel my withered roots begin to grow.

Well I never had a place
that I could call my very own
but that's alright my love
'cause you're my home.

When you touch my weary head
and you tell me everything will be all right.
You say use my body for your bed
and my love will keep you warm throughout the night.

Well I'll never be a stranger
and I'll never be alone
wherever we're together
that's my home.

Home could be the Pennsylvania turnpike*
Indiana's early morning dew
high up in the hills of California
home is just another word for you.

Well I never had a place that I could call my very own
but that's all right my love
'cause you're my home.

If I travel all my life
and I never get stop and settle down
long as I have you by my side
there's a roof above and good walls all around.
You're my castle, you're my cabin
and my instant pleasure dome.
I need you in my house
'cause you're my home...
you're my home.

Now, I'm not sure that I believe in signs, but I believe that if ever there were one, hearing this song today would be it. :-)

* The first two years of our relationship were long distance, and just about every single weekend (I think we missed a total of two), one of us would drive two long, boring hours on the Pennsylvania Turnpike to see the other. That's not the reason we chose the song, but it sure makes it seem all that much more personal!

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