Friday, September 14, 2007

A pretty big week for Miss Blushing

The last week has been pretty big/exciting for me, for two reasons:

1.) I got the job! I received an offer on Monday evening, and handed in my resignation at my current job on Tuesday. I was a nervous wreck before doing so, because it's just such a difficult thing to do, but once it was over I felt liberated and nothing but excited for the next chapter in my career. I will wrap things up in two weeks, have a few days off to get myself situated, and then begin my new adventure on October 3!

2.) I got "the" dress! Last Saturday Mama Blushing, MIL Blushing, and my MatOH came along when I went to try on the Casablanca dress one more time at The Wedding Touch. As MatOH said, it was a "no brainer" and the troops were unanimous -- I HAD to get this dress! I kept it on for maybe 15 or 20 minutes, loving every second of it and loving the dress more and more the longer I kept it on. So, I got measured, and wonderful Mama Blushing (who does so much for me and is doing so much for our wedding that I could never thank her enough) put down the deposit. DONE! Such a great feeling!

Without further ado, here is the dress, once again, but with yours truly wearing it! (Mr. Blushing, I know you are really not into this blog thing, but if for some reason you are reading this.... STOP NOW!!!!!!! Thankyouverymuch :-) )






That's me! In MY wedding dress! Teehee.

The back.... we didn't take a lot of time to lay out the train all pretty, but you get the gist.

Aside from the few clips, the sample was very close to my normal size, so this is the size we ordered. For an extra $85, we will also have it custom cut to my height (which will probably save us a few hundred dollars in the alterations that would have otherwise been needed removing and re-stitching all of the detailed lace along the bottom hem). It is hard to tell, but the sample is champagne and that is the same color I ended up ordering. It's basically a more pink ivory that is flattering to my Italian skin tone (where as regular ivory has more yellow, which brings out the olive tone of my skin, which I am not a fan of!).

Also, you can't see in pictures, but each button on the back is beaded with the same detail as the rest of the dress. Truly spectacular!!!

I really like the veil that I am wearing, too. I didn't see the need to order that right away, but I might end up buying this one. I like how the subtle scalloped edge picks up the detail of the dropped waist, and the beading along the edge frames my face while picking up the beading on the dress. I'm also not a fan of "poof" so I like that this veil is a single layer -- no blusher for me (just not my thing and I swear I feel claustrophobic when I wear a blusher.... yes, I'm weird like that!). I would get it a bit longer (I honestly forget the length I want.... 50-something inches? They wrote it down!) because I liked the way another longer veil looked with the dress.

I am so ecstatic about this purchase; I feel like I really found the dress that suits my body, style, and personality to a T. I also like that it will help to set the tone for a somewhat vintage-meets-modern/eclectic style wedding, in terms of decor, flowers, and stationery.

Now I can start diving into the world of shoes, jewelry, and bridesmaid dresses!!!! :-)

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