Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bridal Shower, Part Two: A Family Affair

Bridal Shower, Part One: A Ladies Luncheon

Two weeks after shower #1, Mr. Cupcake's family hosted a surprise bridal shower for me. However, I have a confession to make... it wasn't a complete surprise. This nosy Miss Cupcake wasn't fooled by Mr. Cupcake's attempt to trick me with the "family picnic" scheduled on our shared Google calendar, and it made sense that his family might be having a shower for me, so I eventually put two and two together. From that point forward I couldn't help but giggle every time Mr. Cupcake talked about the "picnic" (without being able to look me in the eye).

Nonetheless, I was still surprised by how pretty everything looked and my hostesses did such a nice job of making it a special day for me and welcoming me into their family. Two of Mr. Cupcake's aunts planned everything, and his cousin's wife (whose wedding invitations I designed just last year) created adorable invitations using a Martha Stewart invitation kit:

from — sorry I don't have a picture of the actual invitation!

My mom also attended the shower, and she couldn't stop talking about the beautiful "tablescape" with each dish on its own raised level (accomplished by placing different sized boxes under the patterned fabric):

Yummy punch, snacks, and even our Save the Date made it onto the "tablescape"

At least I knew what was going on so I could wear a cute outfit!

Oh my oh my, what's all this?!

After hugs, snacks and chit chat, we played a game that I had never played before... a tray was with items that I will need on the honeymoon was shown to everyone. They ranged from Q-tips and a toothbrush to sunscreen and aloe. The tray was taken out of the room and everyone had to write down as many items as they could remember. I failed miserably as I have the worst short-term memory ever. But I shouldn't win anything at my own party, right?

After the first game everyone then diligently filled out their Bridal Bingo cards (which Mr. Cupcake's 13 year-old cousin had lovingly made for me) and the gift opening began!

It's funny... in the back of this photo, through the window you can see the men wandering around in the backyard. They were forced out of the house for a few hours while all the ladies enjoyed the shower!

We were showered with such lovely and thoughtful gifts... I won't bore you with all the details of more material things, because the nicest part of the day truly was being welcomed into the family and seeing everyone's excitement for our upcoming day.

Surrounded by my lovely hostesses

Up next: the last in the bridal shower series (but certainly not least), shower #3!

Is anyone else having several showers?

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