Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Asking the 'maids, Part I

Back in May, Mr. Blushing and I went to New Orleans to visit my extended family and go to Jazz Fest (an amazing time!). While we were there, I wanted to ask my two older female cousins to be bridesmaids in our wedding. I only get to see them once or twice a year, and thought asking them in person would be more special than over the phone. I didn't want to ask them any old way, but I didn't have the cash at the time to buy anything super fancy (and didn't really want to waste money on something that would just be a useless trinket). Instead, I made up a card for each of them with a photo of us together when we were younger, and a note inside:

Check out that fine 80s era ensemble I'm rocking! (I'm on the left.)
Sadly that was my favorite sweater.

CPKs rock the house!

The note says: "Now we are all grown up, but I still admire you just the same. I was honored to be a part of your wedding day, and it would mean the world to me for you to be a part of mine. Will you be my bridesmaid?"

It was a really cute moment when I gave them their cards -- they had no clue what was inside the envelopes as they were opening them, and didn't really figure it out until they finished reading the inside. At just about the same time there were two big "Awwww!"s and then lots of hugging. I've always been the "sentimental one" of the family, so it was nice to give them something that reflected me and reminded us of the great times we had growing up. I'm really looking forward to sharing my big day with two fabulous ladies I have always truly looked up to like sisters!

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