Friday, August 24, 2007

Asking the 'maids, part II

I am very blessed to have many wonderful women in my life. I was never really the kind of girl who had one core group of girlfriends; instead, I had an eclectic mix of girlfriends from all different areas of my life. My friends are all so different from one another, and I love that each brings something different into my life. I want to share a little bit about two of my friends who really stand out from the rest.

I met Nicole the summer after third grade, at a summer theatre day-camp for kids in our school district. She was one of those bubbly personalities that everyone knew and loved. We went to different schools at that time, but then our two elementary schools combined in middle school, so we got to know each other better in fifth grade. I don't think it was until the summer before eighth grade, though, that we became "best" friends. At that point, we did have a clique of girlfriends, but eventually ninth grade came, and with the new high school status came fights and bickering, and somehow Nicole and I detached ourselves from that group. We remained the closest of friends during a time that wasn't always easy (at least for me), and just had one of those comfortable friendships that we knew would always be a constant in our lives.

Kelli and I met on move-in day, freshman year of college. We lived two doors down from each other, and became instant friends. We both had roommate problems, so by second semester we were able to arrange to live together. It was the most fun semester and we just always understood each other. There was never any judging or fighting; just a strong bond built on trust and a mutual adoration for each other. After freshman year, Kelli transferred to another school, but we stayed in touch; even though months would sometimes pass without any communication because of our busy schedules, we always caught up eventually and it was like never a day had passed.

Now, who in the world could ever choose between two such amazing friends? I couldn't, which is why I chose to have Nicole and Kelli as my maid and matron of honor. It seemed only natural to have them share the role of my honor attendant, and as they have grown to be friends in their own right over the years, I knew it would be a welcome idea.

Nicole now lives in Austria (but is *hopefully* moving back home soon!), and was home visiting friends and family for a few weeks this summer. She and Kelli took me out to lunch a few days before my birthday, and I decided to use the opportunity to also ask them "officially" to be my maid and matron of honor. I mean, they pretty much knew from the beginning of my engagement that these were the roles they would play in my bridal party, but I still wanted to do something nice to make it super special!

Although I love to DIY, I used the opportunity to buy some lovely cards from Papyrus and wrote them each a note about how much their friendship means to me and how I can't imagine getting married without having them standing by my side.

I also got them each a cute little "bedazzled" tank top with their title on it -- black for Nicole, and light pink for Kelli (the colors just seemed to match their personalities!). These were from Classy Bride and arrived just a few days after I ordered them!

I wrapped everything in some lovely paper from Paper Source, and hid them in a bag until we were out at lunch.

I surprised them with their gifts after we were done eating.... They said "yes!" ;-)

I can't wait to have these most fabulous ladies standing by me (and keeping me calm!) on my wedding day.

What are some other creative ways for asking your bridal party to share in your special day?

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