Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The DIY bride with nothing to D

I claim that I am a DIY bride, but I don't actually have anything to show for it just yet. I swear, I'm getting there -- but what can one really begin to do 13 months before her wedding? Is there really anything that extremely creative that can get done so far in advance?

Aside from getting to marry Mr. Blushing, my favorite part of this whole wedding planning gig is that I will be able to do what I do best: design every single printed piece that will have a place at our wedding. I have made my own little side-business out of designing wedding invitations and stationery for other brides over the last few years, and it is really where I find my greatest happiness as a graphic designer. Designing for myself has always been a difficult task, though, as I am my own most indecisive client. Designing for yourself when there is no one telling you plain and clear what they like and don't like is actually a real challenge.

As such, wedding magazines have really helped me to pin-point styles I like as far as invitations and corresponding materials go. One piece from Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2006 issue is this great collection by Peculiar Pair Press (their website is also super cool):

I like the juxtaposition of the contemporary pattern against the orchid motif. It makes for a nice contrast and creates the ability to mix up the elements so there is always a bit of a surprise as far as how each new piece looks. To me, it still says formal, but it also says that this is a really hip couple with a great sense of style.

Of course, this does not go with my color scheme, but this is a visual that has remained in my memory since I first saw it, so I think I am going to use this as an inspiration point for my designs to come. I am starting to tinker with save-the-date ideas, even though I don't plan to send these out until January. More time to obsess, right??

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