Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bridal Shower Anticipation

Yesterday, I received an exciting piece of mail:

Albeit a little beat up from the USPS

My Matron of Honor had mentioned that I should be receiving my bridal shower invitation soon, so this must be it! I immediately tore it open with glee, ecstatic to be getting a tiny glimpse of the details of my fabulous shower, only to find this:

Click on image to enlarge and read the invitation

What a tease! They sent me a fake-out Mad Libs-esque invitation, with only my name filled in at the top. I know the date, time and location of my shower, but those clever, creative bridesmaids of mine are doing a good job of hiding all of the fun details from me. They know it's killing me to not have a clue, but I'm sure the surprises will make my shower all that much more fun when it finally does roll around.

In what clever ways have your bridesmaids kept your shower details a secret from you?

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