Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unloading Baggage

On Friday night, Mr. Cupcake and I had a cleaning party in our apartment — I know, we are absolutely wild!!! In our defense, though, our apartment was in dire need of some TLC, and neither of us could take the clutter anymore, so we decided that playing music and having a few beers while we cleaned would make it a lot less painful.

One thing that I had to realize while we were cleaning: a LOT of the clutter in our apartment is the result of wedding planning. I have been storing a lot of wedding items in my mom's basement (like my now-over-275 pieces of cut glass that will hold candles at our reception), but a lot of items have still seeped into our living space. The biggest culprit: my wedding magazines.

You may recall my creative storage solution for housing my mags.... but the truth is that the wine rack didn't even hold 1/4 of the wedding magazines I have accumulated over the last 16 months. Others were hiding out on shelves, in corners, and under couches. Mr. Cupcake treaded carefully when broaching the topic, but when he mentioned the idea of possibly getting rid of a few, I knew he was right. Even though I was holding on to them for so long because I didn't want to risk throwing away the most perfect idea for something that I had forgotten about, I had to face the fact that even if the perfect ideas are hiding in there, I am way too busy to sit there and look through them all again over the next 2.5 months!

So, I gathered a majority of them (except the REALLY good ones), spent one last somber moment with them, and said my goodbyes.

It may sound silly, but it actually felt pretty good to get rid of these. We're getting much closer to the wedding now, and it's time that I stop looking for ideas and just focus on sticking with the ideas I have already come up with and getting things completed. Having so many bridal magazines in the apartment was just making me feel pressured to leave no stone unturned to ensure every detail of our wedding is absolutely perfect, but I have to realize that perfection is just not a reasonable expectation (nor is it necessary!). Getting the magazines out of our apartment feels like I have unloaded a lot of unnecessary wedding baggage, and now it's time to just move forward and be happy with all of my decisions.

Has wedding planning started to clutter your living space.... and conscience?

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