Saturday, January 5, 2008

Finding inspiration where you'd least expect

I have found that there is often better inspiration for wedding decor in magazines and on websites that are not intended to be wedding-related resources. I recently paged through an old (July 2007) issue of Real Simple magazine and found this lovely idea for displaying candles with a table centerpiece:

I love how the cake stand adds importance to the candles, and I love how it is an unexpected way of displaying them. What a cool centerpiece this would create, without needing any flowers at all.

Since I already have my cut glass candle-holder idea in the works, I thought that maybe a cake stand would be an interesting pedestal for a small flower arrangement in the middle of each candle grouping. It would still keep the flowers low (so guests can see each other across the table), but it would add a nice level to spice things up a bit.

For a wedding like ours that will have between 175-200 guests, I wasn't sure that finding upwards of 20 cake stands would be realistic for each table centerpiece, without breaking the bank. However, my mom and I met with our first florist option today, and lo and behold there was a cake stand with three small vases on top of it in one of their display areas. Once we talked about it and discussed my overall vision, it was clear to me that I wouldn't be able to let the cake stand idea go!

Having the cake stands as pedestals for the small floral arrangements would add a bit more cost to things, but not nearly as much as we expected, and I think the end result would be worth it. Plus, if I find them for a lower price than what the florist is offering, I can buy them myself. Either way, I would own the cake stands after the wedding is over, so I can try to sell them (perhaps to another bride with the same idea!).

Have you found anything to add to your reception decor that strays from its intended use?

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