Friday, January 4, 2008

Color, Revisited

You may recall my confusion over choosing a color palette. Over the ten (eek!) months that we've been engaged, I have gone through countless color schemes. When I look at some of the images I bookmarked months ago, I wonder, what was I thinking??? I have changed my mind more times than any bride should, and I've been a little nervous to commit to a new palette for fear that I will just change my mind again. Now that we're getting closer to the crucial time of color-based decisions (save-the-dates, flowers, etc.), it's a little scary to think that I have to stay firm in my decision. Not that the wedding-color-feds will come and get me if I change my mind, but I'd like things to stay fairly consistent once our guests have seen the save-the-dates.

The teal bridesmaid's dresses are a huge color-based decision which ended up leading me in a new direction for my palette, and, dare I say it, I think I have a winner.

Drumroll please.... The chosen colors: teal and chartreuse. Hive, I now give you.... my revised inspiration board:

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Sources: (top row) tables via Social Design; teal bridesmaid's dress style D328 via Alfred Sung; photo booth source unknown; (second row) plume invitation via Louella Press; my dress style 1860 via Casablanca bridal; vintage wrangler invitation via Louella Press; (third row) blue purse via; calligraphy via Papermints; table setting via; (fourth row) flowers via; cut glass candles via PerfectBound; stationery via; flowers via; (fifth row) vintage buttons via eBay (seller unknown); centerpieces via

There are some noticeable differences between this board and my original board — the main one being that there is no longer any purple. Something about the purple was bugging me, and once I started to focus only on teal and chartreuse, it all came together. It is the unexpected and uncommon combo that I had been searching for, while also including two colors that I am often drawn to in the rest of my non-wedding-related life. It leaves room for me to add some small splashes of other blue or green hues so things don't get too matchy-matchy, and I'm thinking of adding just the smallest dash of raspberry in the flowers (since I'm guessing there aren't a lot of teal flowers out there, and I don't want to only have white flowers with greens).

I think this palette is the perfect accent to my "vintage charm meets modern whimsy" look (if I do say so myself!). It definitely leans more toward the modern side of things, and I like that it will be a fresh juxtaposition with the other vintage-inspired details (like my dress, or our cut glass centerpieces).

Do you like where I have ended up after my color conundrum? How many color revisions have you gone through before you were satisfied?

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