Saturday, May 10, 2008

Accessorize Me, Part Three

Shoes, glorious shoes..... how I love you so!

A few months ago I posted about finding the perfect wedding day shoe. I finally decided to take the plunge a few weeks ago and I ordered three pairs from Zappos:

Touch Ups - Nona

After receiving all three ridiculously fast (I think about 36 hours after I ordered them), I immediately tried all of them on, and the hands down winner was the lovely Melissa. While the Abby and Nona looked cute in pictures and they met my not-too-high-heel requirements, they just looked goofy on my feet. That's not to say they won't look adorable on someone else.... but they were not right for me. I also found that they were a bit stiff and not very comfortable.

The Melissa shoe was much more comfortable and much more flattering on me, and I was thrilled because all along it was the shoe that I wanted to work out. I love the bling and I love the overall look. The Melissa shoe was slightly more expensive than the other two at $89 (compared to $64 for Abby and Nona), but still not a bad price, and apparently the additional $25 means more comfort.

Here they are on my tootsies....

They are dyeable silk, so I am going to have they dyed a slight ivory so they are not too stark white next to my champagne dress. I have plenty of time to break these babies in, so I'll be strutting around the house in them for the next 4+ months! :-)

How is your shoe search going? Are you finding it difficult to find comfortable shoes that won't break the bank?

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