Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Forever New Orleans

In the new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, I came across a full-spread ad encouraging brides-to-be to say "I Do" in the wonderful (but hurting) city of New Orleans.

St. Louis Cathedral, photo via

French Quarter, photo found here

New Orleans is like a second home to me. My mom's two sisters live there, along with four of my cousins, and I have probably been there at least twenty times in my twenty-seven years. I have spent many Christmases there, explored the French Quarter countless times, and sampled plenty of delectable food. It is a city that holds a dear place in my heart, and like everyone else I was devastated by the news of the affect that Hurricane Katrina had on the city and its people.

Mr. Cupcake and I went to New Orleans last May to visit my family and attend JazzFest. While we were there we saw firsthand much of the devastation in the city — but I'm sure what we saw was only a small fraction of the damage. However, we also witnessed the amazing spirit of New Orleans, the spirit that is New Orleans.

We saw a city that was once full of life and is struggling to get back to where it used to be. Many locals willingly struck up conversations about where they were when Katrina struck, how long they were gone, and why they came back.

As soon as I came across the ad for New Orleans in MSW, I went to to see what it was all about. Not only are they working to bring tourism back to New Orleans, but there is a whole page devoted to tying the knot in the Crescent City. The New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau is offering plenty of assistance in helping you find your dream wedding venue in this romantic Southern city.

If it weren't too far for most of our friends and family to travel and if we had been considering a destination wedding, perhaps we would have considered a destination wedding in NOLA to introduce everyone we know to this spectacular city that is still in dire need of help. Although we'll be staying right here in Pennsylvania for our wedding, we'll continue to visit New Orleans often to support the city (we are hoping to make the journey to JazzFest at least every other year).

Have you considered planning your wedding around contributing to an important cause? For any of you planning weddings in NOLA, are you doing anything in particular to make sure that your wedding has a positive impact on the regrowth of the city?

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