Thursday, April 10, 2008

Makeup Success!

I'm sorry to disappoint those of you who are reading this post today to find more embarrassing drag queen-esque photos of Miss Cupcake. Unfortunately for you, there will be no more drag queen incidents for this Cupcake. Fortunately for me, I won't be looking like a lady of the evening at my wedding.

I had my second makeup trial last weekend with the amazingly talented (and uber sweet) Emily Aznouvarian of Cheekadee. Emily was referred to me by my fabulous day of coordinator, Jenn Poletti of Perfect Planners (after she got a good giggle at my expense when seeing the photos from my last trial — who can blame her?). Jenn and I have become quite friendly over the last several months, so I completely trust her opinion and value her referrals — she assured me that Emily is amazing, and her prices are also super reasonable, so I made an appointment for a trial.

I met Emily at her home, and she took the time to look through my inspiration photos and talk to me about what I was going for. Once she got started, we gabbed and gabbed the whole time and I knew I liked her. She would ask me to check everything in the mirror as she went along so I could let her know if something didn't look right, and she encouraged me to give constructive criticism, because, after all, that's what trials are all about.

Without further ado, here's what I looked like after Emily made me over:

This is a photo that Emily took right when she was finished (sorry for the blurriness)

I took this shot of myself (hence the fact that I look like a goober) about two hours later, with no touch-ups, and after a trip to Bloomingdale's to update our registry and a stop at DSW for some shoes. The fact that I felt okay being seen in public during daylight after being made-up speaks for itself! (I realize, though, that on the wedding day, I'll need a little bit more lip-color applied after a few hours :-) )

A better look at Emily's handiwork on my eyes (and cold, hard proof of the DSW trip, to the left)

I think I look like me here (just with much better, glowier skin than I actually have!), which is exactly what I was going for

So at last, my painful search for a makeup artist who is talented and reasonably priced has come to a happy end. Emily hit the nail on the head, and my glowy skin and great eye-makeup lasted throughout the day (and even held up during a nap). It was nice to know that she was really listening to what I wanted, and she'll make me feel like a star before I walk down the aisle in September!

If you're getting married around Philly and need a makeup artist, I highly recommend Emily. She seems to be in high-demand in the Philadelphia area, so book her early if you can! You definitely won't be disappointed.

Emily @ Cheekadee

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