Sunday, December 16, 2007


Since the exciting purchase of my vintage-inspired gown, I have been thinking about ways to add other vintage details to our wedding.

Alas, on Perfect Bound a few days after buying my dress, I happened upon this:

This idea originally comes from Country Home magazine, which I have never picked up in my life, but to whom I am now forever indebted for this spectacular detail!

Our venue includes centerpieces, for which we can choose from three recommended florists, but I know that I will probably want more than what is included in their general package. This would be a perfect addition to what my florist can provide, adding both a touch of vintage flair and the eclectic look that kind of defines my style (which is kind of all over the place). Not to mention, Mr. Cupcake and I have a strange fascination with glassware and we always pore over it in stores like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma.

I decided to start buying all different types of glassware at around or less than $1 each — which can easily be accomplished by shopping at places like Ikea, Home Goods, Marshall's, flea markets, and thrift shops — I can dress all of our tables with 5 glasses each at around $100. This does not include the cost of candles, but if I'm feeling super ambitious and want to pour my own wax instead of buying candles, I'll be able to save a bit of money there. I'll probably use white or ivory candles, since I'm not a fan of the yellow-ness in the inspiration photo.

Mr. Cupcake and I took advantage of the Yard Sale day that happens in our town every fall, and collected 30-something pieces within an hour in that one Saturday morning. With the help of FMIL, who has been collecting boxes upon boxes of cut glass from the Salvation Army, I have now accumulated close to 130 pieces! We haven't even stepped foot in an Ikea or Home Goods yet to look for additions, because we've found so many elsewhere. I venture to say that I might aim for 200, since many of the prices have been even better than we expected (some for as low as $0.25 a pop, or sold in sets for only a few bucks), and I think more candles can only add to the mood and charm.

Here is a sneak peak at what we've got so far!

Laid out on Mama Cupcake's dining room table... our apartment is too small to store all of these, so I'm using her basement!

A little collection of some of my favorites....

My absolute favorite... I think we have four of these.

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perfectbound said...

Hello! So glad you like Perfect Bound. I too never would have imagined myself with a copy of Country Home magazine. I've always been a city dweller. But sure enough, I'm hooked. Can't wait to read through the rest of your blog!