Sunday, December 16, 2007

The times, they are a-changin'

Over the summer, I received invitations to four weddings. Three out of the four invitations had envelopes that were fed through a home printer with guest's addresses. Although I have seen many etiquette sources that forbid this practice, it made me wonder: should etiquette rules be revised and adjusted as the times change?

The argument is that printed envelopes are not as personal as hand-written or calligraphered (calligraphed? calligraphied? I have no clue) ones. But realistically, feeding envelopes through a printer after inputting all of the addresses is not exactly effortless or quick; there is still time involved in personalizing things for each guest. And, it can actually look nice (not to mention it's ideal for budget-conscious brides who have chicken-scratch handwriting, like me). So, where lies the problem? Is there a problem, or are many etiquette rules just outdated and, consequently, ignored?

Are the queens and kings of etiquette just too stubborn to consider updating the "rules" due to technological advancements? What other etiquette rules do you find outdated, or worthy of ignoring?

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