Thursday, December 27, 2007

Musically challenged

Along the same lines as Miss Robin's post about her first dance song, I thought I'd jump on the music bandwagon and throw out a few options to the hive....

**Note to readers: the Cupcakes are slightly less agile than (but just as physically fit as) this dashing couple.

I know that our wedding isn't for nine months, but our first dance song is still a popular topic of discussion between Mr. Cupcake and myself, and we can never quite come to a decision! I have a feeling that the decision is not going to get any easier, so here are our current choices for you to weigh in on:
  1. Billy Joel • You're My Home:
    (Please excuse the fact that this YouTube video has clips from the show "Supernatural" — it was actually the most normal one I could find that included the song!)
    I have always loved this song, and it has a few lines in particular that I think are very "us" — including a mention of the famed Pennsylvania Turnpike which we traveled every weekend for the first two years of our relationship to see each other :-) There is also a less twangy live version from the "Songs in the Attic" album that could be a contender. The only concern, though, is that it might be a little too fast-paced for us (we'll be sticking with the classic "sway" move in lieu of a choreographed dance.... Mr. Cupcake's feet would not agree with any fancy moves!). We practiced to it once, and it didn't necessarily flow.
  2. Neil Diamond • We:
    As nerdy as it may sound, Mr. Cupcake and I love us some Neil Diamond! Sure, some of his songs are a bit hokey and most people our age only know "Sweet Caroline," but Mr. Cupcake grew up listening along to his mom's Neil Diamond albums and we both have a sweet spot for some "Forever in Blue Jeans" or "Cracklin' Rose." Come on, admit it — when no one is watching, you belt out those Neil songs that you hear on the radio! The song "We" is on a more recent album of this great American songwriter, and it is very playful and light-hearted, just like us. Plus, the lyrics are really cute and true! It is a good dancing tempo (we practiced to this one, too!), but it is incredibly repetitive and I don't want people to get bored with it. Maybe I'm just reading into it too much, though?
  3. Harry Connick Jr. • A Wink and a Smile:
    (Again, don't mind the YouTube selection.... actually, it's kinda cute!)
    I have always been a fan of Harry Connick, Jr., but Mr. Cupcake just recently became a fan when we heard Harry play at the New Orleans Jazz Fest 2007 (we were right up front!). Aside from being incredibly nice to look at, he has a great, soulful voice and plays classic standards and jazzy tunes in a swoon-worthy way. Although I'd be open to finding another possible Harry tune to dance to, I adore "A Wink and a Smile" (which you may remember from the movie "Sleepless in Seattle"). Just like the Neil Diamond song, it is playful and light-hearted, and a good tempo to dance to. But, Mr. Cupcake's mom suggested that my heart might not "be in the right place" when dancing to it (since I'd be thinking about Harry!!). Ha — she knows me too well, and is totally right! Although, I could do my best to get over my Harry-love for the sake of our first dance ;-)
So.... what do you all think? Which song do you think would be best (based on the little that you know about the Cupcakes)? Is there one that you think wouldn't work at all?

Bring on the opinions!

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