Sunday, December 9, 2007

Things I Learned From the Original "Father of the Bride"

Not too long ago, Mr. Cupcake was away for a week on vacation with his parents in the Adirondacks. It was one of my busiest times at work, so I was unable to join them (and I kind of thought it made for a nice excuse to let Mr. Cupcake enjoy a vacation with his parents, whom he is extremely close to and whom I know miss him tons since he moved two hours away to be with me).

Hanging out alone on a Saturday night with nothing in particular to do, I came across the original Father of the Bride on t.v., starring Spencer Tracey and Elizabeth Taylor, from 1950. I stumbled across it just as it was starting, so I hunkered down and began watching.

I am ashamed to admit that I had never seen the original, but I am a fan of the Steve Martin version from 1991. While watching the original, I was really surprised to hear how many lines from the remake came straight from the original; in some ways it wasn't nearly as dated as I might have expected.... Except for maybe the following:
  • In 1950, $3.75 per person was high for a wedding reception (these days that's probably less than the cost of each guest's wedding favor!)
  • Husbands and wives shared a bedroom but slept in separate beds (at least in movieland, they did ;-)
  • Bridesmaids walked two-by-two down the aisle in a trance-like walk (I am SO GLAD this is no longer customary!)
  • $85 for an orchestra to provide entertainment at the reception was pricey
Some things, though, will never change:
  • Wedding rehearsals are always chaotic
  • Guest list discussions always lead to arguments
  • The bouquet toss always brings out the worst in women
  • No father will ever understand how his little girl grew up so fast
This movie was such a great way to spend my night. It is definitely one of my new favorites! What is your favorite wedding movie?

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