Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Cupcake's Engagement Story

On February 10, 2007, Mr. Cupcake and I had plans to meet two of our friends at Monk’s, a great Belgian bar in Center City Philadelphia. We took a cold walk to the train station in our quaint little town to catch a train into the city, arriving early enough to walk around before meeting our friends. Since we had some time to spare, Mr. Cupcake suggested that we head over to the municipal building, where there are life-sized game pieces surrounding the building.

You see, three years prior, Mr. Cupcake and I ventured to this same place only a few months into our relationship; after spontaneously hopping a train from Manayunk to Center City on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed lunch at Fado and strolled from the municipal building and City Hall down towards the Kimmel Center, talking and people-watching. We took fun pictures with the giant gamepieces at the municipal building and enjoyed each other’s company; something happened that day that could never truly be explained, and the day became known as “the day we fell in love.”

Miss Cupcake and a big ol' Sorry gamepiece, four years ago

Mr. Cupcake chillin' with the Monopoly wheelbarrow

"Love".... awwww....

Fast-forward to February 2007, and we were in the same place on a bit of a colder day, me with my camera in-hand (as usual). Upon arrival at the area surrounding the municipal building, a man asked Mr. Cupcake for some change for bus fare — always willing to lend a hand, Mr. Cupcake gave the man some change from his pocket. The man thanked him, and, seeing my camera, asked if he could take a picture of Mr. Cupcake “and his wife.” We told him we weren’t married, and the man said “well, you should marry her!” and moved on to catch his bus.

After that encounter (which I pretty much just laughed off), we perused the area and recreated some of the amusing photos we had taken three years earlier. After laughing and being silly as usual, Mr. Cupcake suddenly got a little serious and sentimental while sitting on the giant domino. He expressed his feelings for me, and reminded me of what this place meant to us and our relationship. Then, he got down on one knee, and popped the big question! After a brief moment of shock and disbelief, I happily accepted his proposal (and a stunning ring!).

Miss Cupcake and the Sorry gamepiece, four years later

He still can't lift it! ;-)

Getting the "strength" to propose...

It's official! The future Mr. & Mrs. Cupcake, in front of City Hall

After making some freezing cold phone calls to family, we excitedly headed down to Fado to get warm since there was still some time before we had to meet our friends at Monk's. On our way there, Mr. Cupcake told me that four more of our friends (including the two whose Halloween party we had met at) were also joining us to celebrate. We ended up remaining at Fado, and we were able to enjoy such a wonderful day with six amazing friends.

The surprises didn’t end there: upon our arrival at home that night, Mr. Cupcake got out a bottle of champagne and some toasting flutes that his excited co-workers had gotten for us, and he told me that he had arranged for his parents and grandmother to join us at Mama Cupcake's house for brunch the next morning. He thought of everything! I was so impressed at how well Mr. Cupcake planned the whole thing out, and I know I will always look back on that day fondly.

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