Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Inspiration from a Soon-to-be-Forgotten Friend

One of my favorite magazines is Martha Stewart's Blueprint. It's tagline is "Design Your Life" and it is identified as "The fresh, fun guide to personal style." That it is, Martha; that it is!

For a while I was reading/trying to get into Martha Stewart Living, but it was just a little too far beyond where I am in my life. As much as it was chock full of great ideas for entertaining, organizing, and cooking, I would always come away from it feeling a bit inadequate. I can't cook all that stuff! (My oven is like 9" wide and there is no window or light so I can't even see what I'm cooking most of the time.) I can't afford all that stuff to organize my laundry room! Heck, I don't even HAVE a laundry room! It was nice to ponder and dream about someday having a summer house and a craft room and an entire built-in shelf system completely devoted to organizing my personal photos, but it just wasn't practical or attainable for my 27-year-old-still-grasping-the-concept-of-adulthood self.

Blueprint is so much more my speed and style. It has that magical Martha touch with a bit more of a youthful sensibility to it. Unfortunately, it was just announced that this publication will soon be a distant memory, as it has only one issue left :-( I found this news via Perfect Bound, one of my favorite blogs, and nearly cried.

I will not let Blueprint go down without at least taking away some great inspiration from it. I absolutely love the font used for the masthead and throughout the magazine, so I went ahead and purchased it. The font is called Fling and it's the perfect combination of whimsy and modern, especially with the fun alternates that can be used as design elements. I used this font for our wedding website (which I'll be blogging about soon!), and I hope to use it on other wedding stationery items as well.

Do you have a favorite non-wedding magazine, website, newspaper, etc. that you also turn to for wedding-planning inspiration?

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