Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sweet Cupcake Engagement Photos

I've already rambled on and on about how much we love our photographers, The Wiebners... so for the sake of not killing you all with suspense, I'll get right down to business and show you our fabulous engagement photos!

On a sunny Sunday morning in the town we live in, we spent a few hours with Rita & Joel Wiebner to get all these shots. We basically walked from our apartment through the "downtown" area and stopped to get shots wherever we/they felt inspired. This included a theatre, a playground, a park, and a handful of hidden little nooks throughout town. It was such a blast, and I am so glad we sprung for an engagement session. We absolutely love the photos, and we also got a feel for how the Wiebners work and what we can expect on the wedding day.

By no fault of theirs, we were a tiny bit nervous/tense throughout the beginning of the session. We had never had professional photos taken together before, so it was something to get used to. Joel and Rita did a great job of loosening us up and making us laugh, so by the end of the shoot we were a lot more at ease.

One thing I learned is that Mr. Cupcake and I look a little ridiculous when we try to be serious! There are some shots in our proofs that just make me giggle, because for some reason, we don't know how to make serious faces! Maybe it's because we're so accustomed to being silly? Whatever the reason, it was again by no fault of the Wiebners, but maybe now we will know to act a bit more natural and allow ourselves to laugh more when being photographed on our wedding day!

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