Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bridesmaid dress search

Since I had chosen my wedding gown and it has a somewhat vintage flair, I wanted to find a dress for my girls that isn't too modern or trendy, but maybe is a twist on a vintage style. I decided I would like them to wear something v-neck or with straps, since I'm just a little bored with strapless dresses and I think a v-neck will be more universally flattering on my lovely 'maids. And, although I know it's not the only option, I really want all of my bridesmaid's to wear the same dress.

One day while browsing some websites, I found this:

It is from Watters Wtoo line, and comes in some more vivid colors than what is shown; it is knee-length, which I really like, and the neckline is classy and interesting. The broach adds that little bit of vintage flair I'm looking for.

I also found this adorable dress from Priscilla of Boston:

But something about it seemed just a little too casual for our evening reception, and I was pretty sure Priscilla of Boston's prices are a bit more than I wanted my maids to have to spend.

Then, I saw this photo of style #328 on the Alfred Sung website a few months ago, and immediately loved it.

Although I am normally not a fan of halter styles, there was something about this one that was less trendy and more vintage that I really liked. It seems to go quite well with the vibe of my dress and the "vintage charm meets modern whimsy" look I'm going for, and it meets three of my other requirements: not strapless, not satin (it's a nice blend that isn't too shiny like satin, nor is it too slinky like chiffon), and it is t-length.

MatOH and I went to check out the dress in person a few weeks ago, and we both immediately loved it. She tried on a few other dresses that day, but we both kept coming back to this one. I took my mom to see the dress a few weeks later, and emailed a photo to the rest of the 'maids, and the decision was unanimous: it's perfect! I felt confident that I didn't need to look any further.

There was a pretty lavender color available, but the teal color kept drawing me in; I was reminded of the emerald and aqua color palette I had seen in Martha Stewart Weddings, and I thought about my own wardrobe which has lots of teals and blues, and I decided that this was just a better choice. Through the magic of Photoshop, I took the photo of the dress from the Alfred Sung website and made it teal, for your viewing pleasure:

We will be ordering the dresses from Lizelle's Bridal in Havertown, PA. It is $198 there, but dresses are always 20% off, making them $159. However, Lizelle's is having a 30% off special in December, so as long as my girls get measured and give their deposits before the end of the month, the dresses will only be $139! I really didn't want to ask my bridesmaids to spend more than $175-$200, but this is even better than I could have expected.

I had done a lot of web-searching and research on bridesmaid's dresses since we got engaged, but I couldn't believe how quickly we made a decision once we actually went out there and tried them on. Did anyone else have such an easy time shopping for bridesmaid's dresses?

Coming up: how I revamped my color palette to incorporate these lovely teal dresses!

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