Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brother & Sister-in-Law Cupcake's Fabulous Wedding

I posted a while ago about the venue envy I have for my brother's wedding venue, The Angel Orensanz Foundation in NYC. Wonderful Brother Cupcake and his fabulous wife (who first introduced me to Weddingbee) got married there last June, and it was a spectacular, beautiful day. It perfectly represented this hip, fun-loving couple, and I thought I'd share with you all some great photos from the day, all courtesy of Brian Dorsey Studios. I'm sure you'll be able to see why I was so envious of their spectacular day!

Before heading to the venue, the happy couple had their first meeting in a local park

Right before some rain stopped by, we were able to grab this great shot of the bridal party (Can you find Miss Cupcake? :-) )

Hanging out in the basement of Angel Orensanz while guests start arriving upstairs

A table shot — actually this is the table Mr. Cupcake and I sat at — we had a great view of the dance floor all night

Now THAT is a cupcake tower! Each cupcake had its very own bride-and-groom topper, which my sister-in-law hand-painted so they'd have brown hair, like her :-) (And that's her parents' cake topper on top, from their wedding 30 years earlier!)

A little model pose of Brother Cupcake. Even I have to admit, he's lookin' pretty dapper.

On the balcony where the cocktail hour was held, Brother and Sister-in-Law Cupcake put together this beautiful display of family wedding photos (and couples photos for people like me and Mr. Cupcake who aren't married quite yet)

The candy bar, before the guests got a hold of it

A full shot of the spectacular venue

Brother and Sister-in-Law Cupcake (also known as John and Kim) have entered their wedding in The Knot Real Wedding Awards. If you'd like to vote for them, create your profile here and then head on over to their entry page here to vote! The Cupcakes thank you for your support ;-)

All photos (c) brian dorsey studios

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