Sunday, March 23, 2008

Impending Makeup Trial, 2.0

Next month I have a trial with a makeup artist who comes highly recommended by my Day of Coordinator. I am hoping for something a little less vampy than the result of my last trial, and I have been searching for lots of images to make sure this second trial doesn't go astray.

I found some great examples online of the type of makeup that I am looking for, but after finding a slew of inspiration images, I realized that I really needed to pay attention to the features of the people wearing the makeup. What looks good on blonde-haired-blue-eyed Reese Witherspoon will probably not look great on me.

I started seeking out images of celebrities who have features similar to mine — dark hair, fair skin, and big eyes. So far, these are the top contenders and the best examples of how I'd like my makeup to look on the wedding day (minus the obvious fact that I am not a celebrity!):

Marion Cotillard:
She has a wonderful glow about her — I like that the focus is always on her eyes, and the lips aren't quite natural but just have a little punch of color.

Rachel Bilson:
She wears the natural lip-color so well, and her eyes really POP!

Rachel Weisz:
She doesn't look overdone, and it's difficult to pinpoint how much makeup she's actually wearing. It just "fits" and it's just enough to bring out her best features.

Mandy Moore:
She does a smokey eye like nobody else can, but it never looks too gaudy or takes anything away from the rest of her great features.

Of all these contenders, do you have a favorite?

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