Sunday, March 9, 2008

Can I Get You Merlot, Chardonnay, or Martha Stewart Weddings?

I have an unhealthy number of wedding magazines. Probably not nearly as many as some brides, but nonetheless, there's a lot of 'em. It started innocently enough a few months before we got engaged when I couldn't resist a pretty cover on the newsstand in Border's. It escalated to full-blown over-consumption once the ring was on my finger. Subscribe to Modern Bride and Brides for the price of one? SCORE! That Martha Stewart Weddings "special" color issue? Well I HAVE to get that!

Once I found my dress, a lot of my wedding mags seemed to be a lot less useful, but I still can't quite let go of them. I have torn some notable ideas out of them and put them in my wedding binder, but what if that PERFECT signature cocktail recipe is still hiding in the remains of the April 2007 issue of Bride & Bloom? I couldn't possibly just throw. that. away! Mr. Cupcake has hinted at maybe getting rid of a few, but a stern glare shut him up pretty quickly. However, these mags do take up an obscene amount of space, and storage space is at a minimum in our apartment. So where do I keep all this "wedding porn"?

Ladies, I give you, in all its glory...... the wine rack of bridal magazines.

Good thing we don't have any money leftover to buy wine — there would be nowhere to keep it! (And in case you are wondering: no, this is by no means my full collection of bridal magazines.)

What kind of system do you have for organizing your "stash"?

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