Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not My Type

When Mr. Cupcake and I first met, neither of us was attracted to the other in a "you're my type" kind of way. On the contrary, we were completely NOT each other's type, at least in the superficial, physical sense.

Mr. Cupcake normally went for tan, beachy blonde types; I am pretty much as pale and brunette as they come. His fantasy celebrity picks do not, in the slightest, resemble me:

Marisa Miller.
She of Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated. Not gonna lie — she's definitely not ugly.

Melissa Joan Hart.
I totally don't get this one. I always found her kind of plain looking, but Mr. Cupcake has a thing for her. Interesting.

Bonnie Hunt.
I'm totally serious. He thinks she is so hot. I mean yeah, she isn't bad looking and she has a great sense of humor, but celebrity-fantasy worthy? Strange.

Mr. Cupcake is not that far off from the type of guy I normally found myself attracted to.... except for one thing.

In college, I had a hard-and-fast rule that I'd steer clear of Abercrombie-wearing, Jeep-driving guys, because they seemed to be the bad boys that would only hurt you.

What did Mr. Cupcake's wardrobe mainly consist of when we met? Abercrombie. And what did he drive? A Jeep Wrangler.

We often laugh about how we're so different from who we expected to end up with, yet somehow we are a perfect fit. I realized Mr. Cupcake's Abercrombie clothes and big ol' Jeep didn't define him, and I guess he found something he liked about me under my dark brown hair and pale skin :-)

Are you and your mister each other's "type"?

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